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I really enjoyed the game, it was nice and short. I'd give it a 8.5/10

Let's clean up
I LOVE YOUR GAME, in my opinion it is the best game I have ever played. Obviously not many will have my opinion Lol

This is so great game :D !

Trash is all I know, I am trash

Starts at: 00:16

Honestly this was a great short game and had an absolute blast playing it, it was simple but alot of fun. Interested in playing more from you guys!

fix game bug please(cant drop garbage bag if you hold it while doing something)

it's a good game, i think the animations got tiring after a while, but that's the least

such a great game.. i enjoy it i got scared 2 times lol 

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Nice game! This really is the type of game that seems normal, but there's a few eerie hints here and there that something's not right...

Watch MORE SCARY GAMES from me...

Great pacing. I was very creeped out the whole time and on edge. I never knew what was coming next! I might've missed a few letters though because they are easy to not notice XP!


ngl i would play a simulator like this


Great game with a very funny ending

Even tho I did a no commentary I got scared from the atmosphere alot had to take off my headphones

Awesome game with a great creepy atmosphere the whole time. Props for making such a great game in under a week.

awesome game. I really liked driving the truck, and I got to experience what's its like to be a trash collector which is fantastic. I did criticize  the game a little in the end of my video but overall I do think it was an awesome game. :D

Great map. Found out that I never want to be a garbageman for my day job xD. 

I'm pretty new to Youtube, so if anyone watches this video any constructive criticism will be super helpful! :D 


Modelo muito melhor ( me contrate ;) )

very buggy game,couldent even finish after 3 restarts

This game is fantastic! (I'm Brazilian)

This game was so cool! I loved the thing at the end. No Spoilers. I recommend this game!

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The slow build up and constant suspense of what might happen only to be surprised by the plot twist. Superb game.

Good game. It was terrifying but it was fun seeing what would happen.

I had alot of fun playing this game!

There's definitely something to horror games that make you do a repetitive, boring task and then introduce horror elements when you least expect it!

Well made game, simple bit effective

Check out my video.

What A game. Great Job.

great game!

My sister Ayda and I play this =) It was a lot of fun. Good ambiance and a few decent jumps scares. Really enjoyed it. Please check our vid!

i cant use this application because its a .RAR and i cant afford WinZip so its unusable please change the file type if possible

You can get 7zip, totally free and does the same job.


The Game is cool but not so much

This was very well done. Not knowing what the next area might bring. The small but significant notes and events all brought this together with a strong ending. Great stuff... :)


That game was pretty interesting and it was really good. The cat definitely scared me very much but I really like the turn of events at the very end.

Recorded this many months ago but finally got around to uploading it. Truly a Fantastic experience You set the setting very well and very creepily So Much That I couldnt Handle the thought of leaving the saftey of my garbage truck for more than 10 seconds lol Hope to see more of you work in the future !!!

Un juego excelente que sabe jugar con el ambiente que comienza a crear con el paso del tiempo.

Impressive that someone could make a game in under a week!!

I liked this game, it was simple but catchy and the physics are really fun ^^

I'd say it could do with more scares or notes, but then again one can do so much in less than a week!!

Loved it <3

Awesome game, really scared me a few times. Super creepy and engaging!

Olá, venho através desse texto dizer que simplesmente amei demais esse jogo, fiz uma gameplay e tomei alguns sustos que me deixou bem satisfeito. FIca aqui minha recomendação, não só pra assistir essa gameplay, como também pra jogar e sentir essa experiencia incrivel que é desse jogo. Sucesso a todos que fizeram também gameplays, Tamo juntos.

Great game! ending was insane 

Great atmosphere, got a few good scares outta me

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