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This Was A pretty well made game i really liked it the jumpscares got me a few times pretty well made

Good Job

no offense meant but the game is really unintresting and boring as there isnt really anything happening and also it could help make the game feel less silent if the garbage truck has like an engine sound or something. also if you hit the garbage bins and the garbage bin's handles arent facing upwards you arent able to pick them back up again unless you crash into the garbage bin again to try and flip it back up.

really scary jumpscares 7/10 wished it had better story but overall really good, i recommend

Love job sim horror games!!! 

Didn't Expect such a normal job can be so mysterious...

Really great. Im not sure if the truck going backwards while sitting inside was intentional or a bug but it really freaked me out.

Great game :) 

This job is stranege


I like the jobs and accomplished my jobs to clean the redville.

Hi, I'd like to volunteer to translate your game from English into Brazilian Portuguese.

was an amazing game it had super great and scary atmosphere really enjoyed playing it 

Was a good game, it was good at building tension, and twist at the end was unexpected, would reccomend.

(although there's abit of a bug with the truck, some times when you hop in it wont go forward and you have to go backwards first for it to go forwards. If your gonna play the game just watch out for this bug.


Played the game with my bf! Was interesting and it definitely got me at one point lol. 

This game was awesome jump scares hurt a lil though.

Fun, unexpected ending, 10/10 worth playing.

that was so good! one of the best horror games I've played in a while! the ending was 11/10

I really enjoyed this game, it's nothing too crazy but was just the perfect indie horror! 

This game was great! The controls of the garbage truck were fine, the controls of the character, and handling the garbage was done very well. I like how the garbage had weight to it, felt more immersive. The design and sound design of the game are very impressive. The ending was very unexpected, that you were picking up and compressing dead bodies for the town's crematorium. I played the game twice since I missed some of the notes, but even after playing it multiple times, I'm still not sure exactly what the notes meant. There was also this black figure by a light-post that I walked up too but never got close enough because I wasn't sure if it would kill me or not. Not sure 'lore-wise' what this being is, or if maybe it's a figment of the characters imagination. Overall, a pretty neat game. I am surprised this game was made in less than a week. Well done! 


that "figure" was a parking meter lol

Really? When I started walking over to it, it made a vibrating sound like I might have died if I walked to close to it. It was a black figure with 2 white eyes. Weird. 

i like it and the ending got me XD


Thoroughly enjoyed this one!

This game had the most enjoyable game play that was simple and terrifying, and yet calming! Amazing ending to

5/5 stars!

Hello, I’m making a game called Horror cartridge collection and I’d like to contact you privately about a collaboration of sorts with both our games, if your interested please let me know how to contact you, thanks

LOVE it, super creepy! I had tons of fun playing thank you

Very Good Game with Good Story

Great game. Probably my favorite game on, or at least one of my favorites.

Awesome game and good story!

a beautiful and interesting take on horror simulator genre

Really nice game

great game i really enjoyed it

cool game a little tedious but i liked the plot twist

I like this atmosphere

And the truth was interesting too.

Thank you for your wonderful work♪

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waste of time, stupid. got bored and watched a video to see what the ending was and it was pretty obvious before the twist at the end. so disappointing. idk why people are saying this is relaxing and chill. nothing about picking up endless trash bags is relaxing, it's annoying. not scary at all. can't believe this was submitted to a game jam and it has such high ratings.

well, you are entitled to your opinion of the game, I just finished it and would say I rather enjoyed it. :)

A very relaxing and chill horror story.

Love the fact that everything was super sus right til the cheeky end. Looking forward to more games!

Covered as Game 1 in 4 Scary Games Episode.28 (was live on YT Archive:


Really cool game!! Loved how subtle it is with the build up.. but the jumpscares are actually REALLY good. Great work!
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