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Very nicely done. As always, I'm glad to be the first Russian to record this cool game. It would be

great to see more games from you!🤟🤟🤟

I really enjoyed playing this game!!! Very unique and startling. I hope to see more projects from you guys. Would love to play them!!!

What a awesome experience, keep up the great work man. Definitely see a bright future for ya in making games! 

itchio community thanks for taking the time to watch my videos yall support has been nothin short of amazing 

Stay safe and Stay positive 

love yall 


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car have problem. but beautifull game. thanks

Good job! It's another fun game that doesn't need nice graphics.

Really loved the ending. I wasn't expecting it! Great job!

A 30 minutes gameplay, smooth gameplay that can run in 60fps, sounds were terrifying that gives me chills, a mixture of being a garbage job collector and a driving simulator. Graphics is neat and well done. Great game overall!

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I really loved the gameplay, probably one of the best games in so far, it has the balance of the story and jumpscare.

I played it on my channel, I really enjoyed it (I missed lots of letters tho srry)

Good game, clean up the garbage in the town, and finally know everything!

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Excellent game and made in just a week? That's amazing. The only bug I saw was accelerating and turning with the truck but overall, everything was great. Didn't expect any of the jumpscares and that's what makes a horror game great. The plot twist at the end... UNEXPECTED as heck but anyways, awesome job with the game and I hope you keep doing what you are doing!

You know you could have sold this game as a trash pickup simulator and I still would have loved it! But I definitely love the horror twists and turns, I'll be the trash man any day!

After a rough, how do you do this start haha. Got rolling and oh boy, it got me a couple of times. Enjoyed it alot, nice small lore into the ending twist! Thanks for making this!

Ever Wonder What You Were Cleaning?
Random Scary Games - Cleaning Redville

This was definitely an eerie and unique concept. Really enjoyed myself. Keep up the great work.


What a good game, both mechanically and aesthetically, immersive atmosphere I will accompany this developer to play his future games


Que jogo bom, tanto mecanicamente quanto esteticamente, atmosfera imersiva irei acompanhar este desenvolvedor para jogar seus futuros jogos.


This game is probably one of the best made atmospheric horrors I have ever played, well done! 


Really good game with an awesome twist at the end. It's so fun collecting the trash around the city as things begin to unfold before your very eyes. Jumpscares are also very well deserving! Great Job DEV! Give it a try everyone!

I REALLY enjoyed this game! keep it up!, here's my gameplay

Creepy. That truck has an interesting turn radius xD

 A great game

really enjoyed the atmosphere an everything...

A great game, I really enjoyed it yo! Some of the best jump scare tactics in a horror game. Very unpredictable! You can check my gameplay here: 


Really great atmosphere and game play. Very simple but pretty effective. Story was intriguing as well. Wish there was a little bit more to it, maybe someone to talk to or something. Overall I loved it.

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

Loved this game, pacing was slow and steady (not a bad thing), atmosphere kept me on my toes, driving was cool and the jump-scares were scarce but were timed well, only criticism is the story about the town and how it ended would like to see more with the lore but other than that loved it. Great Work! 

It was good.

is game

Nice game ^^

Gameplay en español

Very atmospheric horror game, i really enjoyed the little scares you put in that happens naturally and catches the player off guard, clues given through playthrough as you progress and the truth reveals itself. Thank you for making this! 


Good horror game. Could have more stuff here in the game. It would be interesting to have further development. But even without that, the game is very good. Congratulations.

Man how did you make this so scary ..It's good . Here, I made a video 

Great horror game! Scary and unsettling. I love how it builds up the creepiness the longer you play. Nice work!

i love your game so much :):):) cant wait for more :):):)

Thank you! :) <3

This game was top notch.

Thank for sharing.  It kept me wondering just what's around the corner.   I like the graphic style and and originality (at lest to me I don't know of any other dump truck driving games).  

The on criticism I would have its it felt like too much of the same thing.  

However, still a very fun game to play and I enjoyed it from start to finish.  Keep up the good work.  

Sembra bello lo devo provare subito...gioco da storia originale...

amazing game, felt scared all the way through. muy bonito ☺

Show post...

great story spooky :d

Good game. I thought the ending was pretty cool.

Your commentary is great! It was fun watching you play the game, thanks for the vid. :)

Well thank you for watching!


The game had issues...
I tried to drive the car and it didn't go well, the interaction was very out of place and overall, I ended up off the map. I hope the game gets fixed. 

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