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[ Originally developed as TaikiGames]

Be my first tester of the project, I've been working on recently..

If you have some time on your hand, take a look at my works as you wonder through some of my games I made in the past.
This is my first time making something public, the levels you are about to see really needs some feedback. If you are ready, we can start right away..

Have fun!

Average Gameplay time: 1-2 Hours.

Please note that English is not my primary language, I'm terribly sorry for grammatical errors.

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
TagsHorror, Narrative, Psychological Horror, Walking simulator


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Deleted 213 days ago

my man left his heart in the fucking review


Your game is burning my pc bad :(

mine too :(

In the area where you do the slenderman collect pages thingy in a city you can walk between the buildings on the edge of the map and fall out of the map forever. And there's no checkpoint in that game. or the ones before it.

Hey, i am the same guy that from Gamejolt, and i really wish you are still on it! I will not lose hope! I really saw myself on that game, or better say, on you. I can't wait to one day, play more of you! Keep it up

Are you who make this game?  Its really fantastic! I love it completely. The way it pass the four wall, was excellent. Wish i could support u in the future when i have more money hahaha

Sorry for my bad english, my native language is Spanish, but i hope you understand me. ❤ 

Great wishes to you ✨

Part three of this series and its getting better and better! im curious about the story with the narrator and the monster in this part was terrifying!  

This was reeeally interesting, I didn't finish but I plan too!

Awesome game you have here! I had a great time with it. 

This is truly one of the best indie horror games I have ever played!, and  I've played a lot! every stage has an incredibly unique ambience, and a great sound design! Also grat meta story! You must keep doing games like this, seriously congratulations, and an awesome job!

Greetings from México!

this game is really great, i didnt finished it all, but i love the way it is presented, keep going 


SKIP TO 13:28!!!

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Adrian is your name right?

I understand completely your fear of being disappointing, believe me when I say I stopped socializing because of how disappointing I believe I am, when I saw your message on the end of this game it messed with me, to find another person who suffers from something similar trying to overcome this fear.

You did a great job with "I have A Fear", it was truly awesome, you have a talent for horror games, and you will grow bigger from now on as a game developer, lots of people already told you this, but don't forget you didn't disappoint anyone, you only impressed, consider myself hugging you tight right now, good luck!

I hope what I said makes you feel better, it may not be a lot of words but a lot of thought and sincerity were put into them.

what a game this is! that ending was pretty cool dev you really made 1 hell of a horror game here and i have loved every minute of it:

I had the pleasure of reviewing your game on my blog and my youtube


Hello! im liking your game so far and im definately going to continue making videos of it! Heres my playthrough if ya wanna see XP.

part 2 of my gameplay here, game gets better and better:


Thank you everyone for their feedback! The biggest issue with my project seems to be my writing, so in the future, I will ask/hire someone to check for any grammatical mistakes for my next games! (I won't make horror games in the near future.)

Are you serious? you have a talent for horror games i would love to see more from you i thought this 1 was really underrated! be a shame if we didnt get more from you, loving this game though so thank you :)

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My projects usually come from an idea I really want to make a reality, this include games from other genres too! I pretty much put my heart into this project as I worked on it for about 7 months, I really want to work on something different now. Let's say if I did start working on a new horror game, it would be a short, but effective one. Thank you for playing!

Yea i can tell alot of work went into this game and its much appreciated thank you once again and good luck on your future projects :)

(1 edit)

TL;DR: This game was pretty neat.

Thoughts: My computer is older, so this ran like potato on my machine. I didn't continue past the first area. From my experience and watching some other playthroughs, the base walking speed is too slow; maybe you could increase it to the current "sprint" speed. The game is pretty, the atmosphere is suitably scary, and the sound effects were very good, although the footsteps are loud, and the lightning sound in the first area is so frequent, it gets annoying after a while. From the other playthroughs I've seen, I like where the story goes; it reminds me of "The Beginner's Guide," but with enemies.

It would be very helpful to have a "Settings" option in the game menu, so the player could adjust to a lower resolution or windowed mode without needing to quit out of the game and re-launch it (which I did, several times, to see if I could get it to run better). It would also be nice if the menu had a basic overview of the controls; I've never seen a game that makes you hold "ESC" to be able to leave the game. (If you do set up the game to run in a small window, the text for the Escape menu does not get smaller; you literally cannot click to leave the game if the window is too small, because the text is below the window.) There is a glitch in the cabin bathroom; you can see the floor texture through the bathtub. 

Overall, I think this is much better than most indie horror games, with some really good atmosphere -- it just needs some polishing.

Thank you for the feedback! When someone notices a small mistake or missing feature in my game I feel a little guilty, but I do need to realise that this is my first game I uploaded, and got all the tips to make the next one better with these things pointed out. :)

Honest reviews including yours will make my next games more polished.

Oh and if someone reads this~

If you liked this game you NEED to play 'The Beginner's Guide', and 'When the Darkness comes", this game was heavily inspired by them. :)

You don't need to feel bad at all about it -- even the titans of game development have bugs and little mistakes in their AAA games, and this is a first game from a solo developer. I truly meant my review in a positive spirit, but thought it would be helpful to give details about what you might incorporate or change in the future to improve the user experience. I wish you very well, and look forward to your next project!

And how is going that next?

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I love the content, but i haven't manage to get that far. i got stuck in what looks like Mental Hospital.  As i tried to mix the jar idk what Keybinding is how to drop? or check inventory if it got made? I think  you should also explain how to drop what you got on your hands. Otherwise i love it! keep it up. I see really good potential. TheLuniac.

I had the pleasure of reviewing your game. 

Great ideas in this one i cant wait to get back into it! gonna make another video on this game hope you enjoy part 1:

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hello, I've played about 20 mins of this game yet and I kinda like it, its pretty slow paced so far I hope it pick it up soon and at the first part the game was lagging a lot for me, over all Im liking it though, good work :)

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Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay


Second final video: 


I completed the game, had to divide the video into two parts. Here is the first.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Really enjoyed watching your playthrough, and appreciate both your commentary and you editing out the times you got stuck for a while.  I subscribed to your channel after watching this.