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Hell yeah I got to live out my dream of bein' a garbage man!


fr a perfect game for content

I love this game. I would rate it a 10/10. I did a recorded a gameplay.

ending was kinda disturbing ngl but i liked it a lot


thoroughly enjoyed creeping myself out. thank you.

I didn't think taking out the trash would be scary. I was wrong. Well crafted game 10/10

Great horror build up! Played the whole game tensed!

That's my gameplay:


Me gusto mucho el juego esta bastante divertido! me gusta como te van asustando de poco a poco, el final la verdad no te lo esperas, muy buena experiencia. aquí les dejo mi reacción


I had a nice scare playing this, this is a cool game!! I made this video a while ago but here is the video I did on it.


ngl i would TOTALLY play something like this but without the horror stuff,kinda like a simulator



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I played this a little while ago but i never shared it on here lol. Enjoy the MOST EFFICIENT GARBAGE MAN 😂


Game was so fire I made a little song about it lol! Great Job Doppler!


I highly recommend this game! All the jumpscares got me haha. Honestly Cleaning Redville is one of the best games I've ever played on!


Definitely recommend! This game makes it fun to drive around picking up trash while also telling a story with no other characters you interact with, using the the town of Redville as its own characters to tell the story through envelopes and slight changes in the scenery I really enjoyed my time! Thank you for making this game!

That was fun and really scary but I got a bug at the end so couldn't finish the game. when we hit a guy game allows us to get in the truck before checking the corpse but once I got on the truck I couldn't get out again. That broke my game so I had to watch the end of the game on youtube.


The ending was unexpected and made my heart skip a beat! Keep up the good work.


Great game. Spooked the hecc outta me :D Didn’t expect the twist too!


I'm SUPER late posting this to this thread but Ghost... Great game man! I had a lot of fun and featured it on my channel! Can't wait to see more from you!


Felt great to do the community a service and take out their garbage voluntarily! Had a few creepy experiences while disposing the garbage, but what else can you expect when taking out garbage in the dead of night?


9000/10 Game

The Game is so Creepy NGL I tried playing it at night , Awesome Game BTW hope you make more games or a part if this masterpiece , and also hoping to get love and support on my channel feel free to check my YouTube.

Cool Game!! Loved the twist at the end!! (Though I kinda guessed it beforehand)

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I honestly had so much fun with this! I didn't think being a garbage man in a game would take my interest but things took a turn towards the end.

Blood= Red. Red=Redville. Redville= Good game. Goodgame=Horror game

Fun Game. However I didnt finish it as when I got to the end and "bagged up the last item" sort of say...I got in the truck before bagging the item up and couldnt leave said truck.

Love cleaning up that good trash yessierrr

Fantastic Game!  Great creepy atmosphere and very simple story.


Nice and creepy game! I made a gameplay of this game on my channel.

uno de los  mejores juegos cor[cortos] que e jugado

Muy buena experiencia, corta pero tensa. Me encanta el como hace uso de el terror psicologico con una buena ambientacion.

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The game is very atmospheric!

There is a bug with the truck in the final of the game. How to reproduce:

After some event don't read a letter, instead of that enter the truck. After that you will not be able to exit a truck, and you will be stucked and can't continue the game.

this game scared tf out of me love the gme keep going man

this game scared me a lot !! great job .

Very fun! I loved the building tension, and the nice graphics. Driving was fun too.

I think the bag collection stretches on a bit too long. I found myself getting a bit bored near the end. Maybe some other activities/quests could have been put in there aswell? But I understand there are time constraints, so really not a big deal.

Cat jumpscare made me jump out of my chair. Very good job!

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